For Pietros Pizza, our priority has always been to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and quality in all our restaurants.
Due to the current world situation we are experiencing, we have had all our clients and employees, always ensuring their safety within our facilities.

Below we detail the main measures that we will be carrying out, closely following the guidelines set by the Government and the Ministry of Health.

Our Main Keys

To protect

To our customers, employees
and our community.

To serve

Guaranteeing the highest
quality standards.


Hygienic measures and standards implemented in our restaurants.


Trust in our clients.

To Ensure Health, Safety and Well-being

For our Guests:
• Temperature control on arrival.
• If the temperature is higher than 37.5 ° C, the customer will have to be denied access to the restaurant.
• Mandatory hand disinfection before entering the restaurant.
• Mandatory use of mouth covers to enter the restaurant. In the reception
We will have mouth covers available for customers who do not have one with them.
• Social distancing will be respected, leaving a space of 1.5 m between table and table.
• There will be no people waiting for a table, your phone number will be taken and you will be called when your table is ready.

For our Employees:
• Temperature control on arrival.
• If the temperature is higher than 37.5 ° C, the employee will have to be denied access to the restaurant.
• Sanitizing mat at the entrance to the access of employees and suppliers.
• All employees must wear mouth covers and gloves at all
• Restaurant staff should wash their hands every 30 minutes
for 20 seconds.
• Maintain social distancing between colleagues and clients.
• All employees will receive training in the use of chemical products for disinfection.

For our Suppliers:

• We have designated a specific area for the reception of merchandise.
• Suppliers must always deliver the products
with mouth covers and gloves.
• Upon receipt of the merchandise, it will be washed and disinfected before
to keep it in the warehouse and refrigeration and freezing chambers.
• We will dispose of all cardboard and / or plastic packaging before
to enter the warehouse and refrigeration and freezing chambers.

For our Community:
• Restaurants will have a maximum occupancy of 30%.
• Antibacterial gel will be available at all times throughout the restaurant.
• Kitchens will be continually being disinfected.
• Access to the bathrooms will be two by two and there will be no more than two people in the bathroom. Cleaning helpers will be disinfecting water knobs, door handles, soap and cream dispensers, etc. at all times.
• All common surfaces will be sanitized every 30 minutes.
• Digital menus will be handled through a QR code so that the customer can scan it with their cell phone.
• For customers who do not want to use a digital menu or who do not have their cell phone with them, a disposable menu will be offered.
• Cutlery will be carried in paper bags.
• The children's area for those restaurants that have a toy library will remain closed until the schools reopen.
• The entrance doors to the restaurant will always remain open to promote natural ventilation.
• Stamps will be placed on the ground marking the healthy distance so that the number of people at the reception does not accumulate in case of having a waiting list.

General Hygiene Measures:

A thorough sanitization of all areas of the restaurants has been carried out, including kitchens, warehouses, refrigeration and freezing chambers, living room, terrace, bar, which include floors, walls, glass, extraction hoods, ducts, equipment, furniture. Air conditioners have been cleaned and filters replaced.

We have reviewed all cleaning and disinfection protocols and created stricter control systems to prevent and avoid possible contagions between employees and clients.

Tests for Collaborators:

At Pietros Pizza we care about our employees and their health, so we will randomly carry out antibody tests to guarantee the safety of all our customers.